Monthly Archives: December 2013

Notes on a migration: From Movable Type to WordPress/Drupal

I think it’s been more than a year now since I switched from Movable Type as my primary content store.

For more than a decade, I would treat Movable Type as a repository. It would handle search and syndication, but the presentation layer would be built by me with a PHP framework, most recently CodeIgniter. It’s an architectural decision I made in the days of Movable Type 2.5, when its schema wasn’t as robust as my demands required.

Fast forward to the present day when I took a job that required me to support WordPress and Drupal, and I knew nothing of these systems.

I had also been feeling disenchanted with my setup. I wanted to spend more time creating content than maintaining the system to manage it, and the few customizations made to my Movable Type installation became daunting as my PERL skills have atrophied.

So I adopted WordPress as a blogging platform and deployed Drupal for my music projects.

They’ve been working out well so far, and the crash course in getting them running certainly helped in the office.

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